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Welcome to the Nal Properties real estate

At Nal Properties real estate in Netherlands you can go for professional guidance when selling or buying a home. We are an active, involved real estate agent with experience in the housing market throughout the Netherlands. Our lines of communication are short, which means that we keep you informed as accurately and clearly as possible about the developments in the sales or purchase process.

Our starting point is to make an inventory of your options and wishes. First people, then houses. Your wishes and your story are the basis of our services. In this way we tailor our services to your situation.

Our extensive archive with searchers is also a solution for selling your home. We know how to find and reach a buyer for every home!

What our customers say

Thank you guys so much. Very quickly found us an apartment, very happy, we have been living here for several months. Very cool view, lots of space, amazing apartment. I will recommend you to my friends!



Nal Properties you are the best)) thank you very much for my new apartment. Lisa special thanks to you for your help and solving not easy issues. It was cool and fun looking for an apartment. I'm happy)))

Katrin Pachler


Thank you for the quick selection of the apartment. My family and I are happy. All our wishes are taken into account, and most importantly the speed. Special thanks to Emma



Nalproperties provides all real estate services in Nederlands

Rent out a house

Rent out a house

We are constantly looking for suitable accommodation for many expats, international companies and private individuals

Selling a realestate

Selling a realestate

We care of the sales process to go as smoothly as possible let you receive a nice amount for your home

Rent a house

Rent a house

Do you want to rent in Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam or in Utrecht and surroundings

Buying a house

Buying a house

Buying a house is probably one of the biggest purchases of your life

Real estate

Real estate

We provide management for a large number of clients

Mortgages & insurance

Mortgages & insurance

Once you have found your dream home, we will also help you arrange financing

Get your dream new properties with Nal Properties

Whether you want to rent out your property, want to sell or buy a property, at the Nal Propertiers agency you are at the right address.

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