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We are constantly looking for suitable accommodation for many expats, international companies and private individuals

Manager, 2023

Thank you guys so much. Very quickly found us an apartment, very happy, we have been living here for several months. Very cool view, lots of space, amazing apartment. I will recommend you to my friends!

Katrin Pachler,
Manager, 2022

Nal Properties you are the best)) thank you very much for my new apartment. Lisa special thanks to you for your help and solving not easy issues. It was cool and fun looking for an apartment. I'm happy)))

Programmer, 2022

Thank you for the quick selection of the apartment. My family and I are happy. All our wishes are taken into account, and most importantly the speed. Special thanks to Emma

Rental candidates for your home

We are constantly looking for suitable accommodation for many expats, international companies and individuals. Our database continuously contains many interesting rental candidates who are immediately looking for a rental property.

Our largest target group

  • Expats!
  • We have weekly contact with national and international companies!
  • Expats often approach us from abroad!
  • Of course we always call the employer!

Expats usually have a good income and rent for about 2 years on average. This way you have a lot of certainty with the rent payments and you know for sure that you will have access to your owner-occupied home again after a certain period.


We work on behalf of various well-known companies and authorities. Companies for which expats come to the Netherlands.


We check rental candidates as extensively as possible. An identity check and various credit checks are part of this.


We publish properties on various rental properties sites and the major international sites. As a result, our homes are shown to house seekers who belong to our target group.

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Whether you want to rent out your property, want to sell or buy a property, at the Nal Propertiers agency you are at the right address.

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