Nalproperties helps to sell your realestate

We care of the sales process to go as smoothly as possible let you receive a nice amount for your home

Manager, 2023

Thank you guys so much. Very quickly found us an apartment, very happy, we have been living here for several months. Very cool view, lots of space, amazing apartment. I will recommend you to my friends!

Katrin Pachler,
Manager, 2022

Nal Properties you are the best)) thank you very much for my new apartment. Lisa special thanks to you for your help and solving not easy issues. It was cool and fun looking for an apartment. I'm happy)))

Programmer, 2022

Thank you for the quick selection of the apartment. My family and I are happy. All our wishes are taken into account, and most importantly the speed. Special thanks to Emma

Sell a realestate 

You have decided to sell your home. Ideally, you want the sales process to run as smoothly as possible and that you receive a good amount for your home. Nalproperties Real Estate can help you with that! Because we immerse ourselves in the person “and” the home.

Step 1: Getting off to a good start

Of course it all starts with an extensive informative conversation in which we discuss your wishes together. Subsequently, we give you tailor-made advice, focused on your personal situation.
First shot of the house
Introduction to Nalproperties real estate
Price advice: We determine an asking price with a fair value

Step 2: Plan the campaign

It is important to ask for a good price for your home. In order to arrive at a good valuation, we will thoroughly examine your home and delve into various sources of information. But atmosphere and feeling also determine the price of a home. That's why we focus on it!

Together with you, we look at what is desirable in your situation before we start moving into the house. Of course on Funda and our own site Nalproperties, but sometimes an advertisement in a newspaper or an open house promotion is useful. In any case, a sophisticated activity plan as a basis.

Determining the pricing strategy

  • Determine market position
  • Targeted use of digital marketing such as Funda, Google & Nalproperties
  • Apply Offline Marketing: Sales sign, capturing images, brochures, etc.
  • Apply online marketing: SEO and social media marketing on Facebook, among others.

Step 3: Execute the plan

We coordinate and supervise the viewings and will inform the viewers (and perhaps their purchasing broker) in detail. In personal contact with prospective buyers, we can also find out which follow-up steps are necessary to achieve a good end result. You do not have to be present at the viewings. Potential buyers often feel freer if the residents are not present during the viewings.

  • Consultation and advice on the presentation of the property
  • Register a home with Funda, NVM, etc.
  • Make appointments and attend viewings
  • Expert and professional negotiation

Step 4: The Sale!

When the negotiations have been successful, we or a civil-law notary in Amsterdam draw up a purchase agreement. The agreements made will be confirmed in writing and any resolutive conditions will be included.

When all signatures have been placed, the purchase agreement is concluded. From that moment on, the buyer has a legal cooling-off period of three days, during which he or she can still cancel the purchase.

As soon as the notary has signed the deed of sale and it has been signed by the interested party at the notary's office, he will set a date and time for signing the deed of delivery. Before you go to the notary, the buyer will usually want to inspect the property to see if everything is in the agreed condition. We supervise this inspection and take the meter readings together. We will then accompany you to the notary to sign the deed of delivery.

We are also there for you after the sale. You can count on us if you have any questions after the transfer.

  • Drafting deed of sale and assistance with signing
  • Monitoring the term of the bank guarantee and the resolutive conditions
  • Home inspection
  • Transfer at the Notary

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