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Manager, 2023

Thank you guys so much. Very quickly found us an apartment, very happy, we have been living here for several months. Very cool view, lots of space, amazing apartment. I will recommend you to my friends!

Katrin Pachler,
Manager, 2022

Nal Properties you are the best)) thank you very much for my new apartment. Lisa special thanks to you for your help and solving not easy issues. It was cool and fun looking for an apartment. I'm happy)))

Programmer, 2022

Thank you for the quick selection of the apartment. My family and I are happy. All our wishes are taken into account, and most importantly the speed. Special thanks to Emma

Our method

We offer you a complete package of services at an attractive rate, from advising on the determination of the rental price and collecting the rent, to checking the property in the event of rental changes. We also take care of all the worries related to the maintenance of the house.

Thanks to a pleasant cooperation with our permanent contractors, plumbers and painters, we are able to provide fast, reliable service throughout the region, which saves you a lot of arranging work.

Nalproperties real estate Beheer offers you as an owner an extensive package:

  • Technical management
  • Financial management
  • Administrative management

Rates Nalproperties real estate Management

  • When you outsource the management of your property to Nal Properties real estate Beheer, the following costs will be charged. As the client, you give permission to set off these costs against the monthly rent to be received.
  • Our rate for managing your property is 8% excl. VAT of the monthly rent.

We would be happy to make an appointment with you for specific management advice!

Technical management

  • Expert guidance during maintenance; savings and convenience for the owner:

Achieving the highest rental income through sophisticated advice on the finish and the delivery level of the object to be let, and in the case of furnished rental also on the purchase of missing inventory.

In case of rental changes, the rented object is checked, so that damage can be claimed directly by us from the departing tenant.

Convenience for the owner because questions from the tenant are taken care of by the manager.

Special events that (may) cause damage to the property, such as fire, explosion, burglary, storm and flooding, are reported to the owner within 24 hours, with advice on how to handle them.

Providing maintenance orders on behalf of the client. Urgent matters and minor maintenance matters (usually up to € 250) are dealt with immediately. For major maintenance, permission from the owner is first requested. If desired, several quotes can be compared. The work is checked by us.

Financial management

Optimal return for the owner:

  • We take care of collecting the rent, any service costs and other advance amounts.
  • The rent received will be paid to the client during the rental month. Maintenance and management costs incurred are immediately settled with this.
  • We monitor the timely and correct payment of all amounts owed by the tenant.
  • If you are in arrears, you will receive advice about the need for legal assistance for the collection of arrears. If desired, we will take care of collection, if necessary with the help of a collection agency.
  • Collecting, monitoring and returning the security deposit or bank guarantee.
  • You will periodically receive a clear overview of the income and expenditure.

Administrative management

Inform and arrange:

  • The rental agreement is drawn up and checked by us.
  • We take care of signing by the tenant.
  • We assist the new tenant with regard to the connections and transfer of the utilities, insofar as necessary, in his/her name. Upon termination of the rental agreement, we take the final readings of the utilities and arrange any closure(s) in consultation.
  • We draw up an inspection report for each rental change and check the inventory list. We also take care of transferring the utilities to your name.
  • Periodic rent increases are calculated and announced in a timely manner.

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